What does cell standby and phone idle mean?

Q. Its draining my android battery and i dont know how to stop it.

A. you stop STANDBY and IDLE by actually using your phone for phone calls... but that would actually use more battery then leaving it on standby or idle...

you could put the phone into airplane mode, or turn the cellular signal off, but that would defeat the whole purpose of having a cell phone...

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Which Verizon phone is best for taking pictures and listening to music without quickly killing the battery?
Q. SO SICK OF MY ANDROID BATTERY DYING! I love having a smartphone, but I hate that every Android phone I've ever had dies before lunchtime! I want something to take decent pictures and listen to my music on while I am at the gym, all while maintaining a good battery charge........is that really too much to ask?!?!?!

A. I carry a backup battery, and good ways to save battery are to turn Ur brightness down all the way if Ur inside. And don't leave Ur WiFi/3G, Gps, or any of that on all the time.

Why does my android phone battery die so fast?
Q. Okay, i have the galaxy exhibit II phone && its a good phone. But what i dont like is that it runs out of battery life too quick, after about an hour or two of charging it all the way. I've had different phones && they lasted for a much longer time, like the last phone i had, a blackberry bold? It lasted the whole day, maybe even 2 days without charging. *sighhh* What can i do to make my android's battery life last longer?

A. lower your brightness.
turn off wifi/bluetooth when not needed.
turn on airplane mode when phone is not needed.

What is wrong with my tmobile cell phone?
Q. I have a samsung gravity android. The battery was running low so i plugged it in but then all of a sudden it just shut off. Now i try to plug the phone in again and it will not turn on or charge. What could i do to fix it because I do not have time to go in the the tmobile to get it fixed.
There it no water damage and i havent done anything that would even hurt my phone at all.

A. Your gonna have to make time to get it into tmobile . Or try calling customer care .
Did you check the phone & battery for water damage ?
There will be a little white square ( on the back of the phone & battery ) that will have turned red if its water damage .

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