What is best for a nursing student: iPad, Android tablet or laptop?

Q. My wife is going into a nursing program and I would like to get her a computing device but I'm not sure which one is best for her. I'm thinking either an iPad, an Android tablet or a laptop. Which would be more beneficial for someone that is mediocre on technology?

A. I'm not tech savvy, but coming from a former nursing student, a laptop will be invaluable in nursing school. With the workload in the program, you can do a lot more and it's way easier! More functional than the others you mentioned. For example, writing papers, creating presentations, heavy online research, taking notes, adding/running programs (i.e., to study for NCLEX) are just some of the things your wife will be doing while in school. In my program, a lot of work had to be reviewed and completed online as well. The others are nice but a laptop is a must-have! I also had a pda that I used for clinicals and in school as a quick reference, and I purchased a few programs like nursing drug guide, laboratory tests, medical conditions, etc. I also had these programs on my laptop.

Is a Kindle Fire better than a Android Tablet?
Q. I just got a Kindle fire for Christmas because I like to go on the internet and play games and stuff like that. But, im sort of regreting getting it and I think an Android Tablet might have been better. What do you think?

A. Hi Krystle, Kindle Fire is a lemon, it's as simple as that. Trouble with Wi-Fi connection on Kindle Fire and issues with Silk browser are only some of the long list of reported problems with this device. Other issues are that it runs hot to touch, video playback is jerky, touch screen is not responsive and it takes 2-3 touches to register, power button placement is very poor and is prone to accidental power off, all the hype of Silk browser is a fake where the browsing is actually slower than on other Android tablets, etc.
Just return it while you can and get Nook Tablet - it's been getting rave reviews and it is the best device in it's class - much better than Kindle Fire. It's got Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Angry Brids, etc., the best battery life (30% better than Fire), the best non-glare laminated screen (vs. very reflective screen of Fire), double the RAM and space for apps/photos/movies, microSD slot, a microphone for Skype, and physical volume controls on the side (neither of those is on Kindle Fire.) Amazon's own web site has hundreds (almost 1800 so far) of reviews of Kindle Fire's new owners that gave it 1 or 2 star reviews because of choppy/laggy experience they got from this underpowered device.
Also, Amazon prime is worthless - for $79 you get 13,000 movies and 10,000 books included while Netflix has millions of movies (for $8/month) and B&N ebook store has millions of books (and over 2.5 million free ones). All your purchases for Nook (ebooks/apps) are stored in free Barnes & Noble Cloud thus even if you break the device you can download everything back on another one.
Check out this pro side by side review:
Both devices rock 1GHz dual-core processors, but the Nook has an edge here, with its 1GB of RAM to the Fire's 512MB -- and certainly the difference is noticeable, even when booting up something as simple as a game like Angry Birds. Things are even more pronounced during video playback. We took Shutter Island for a spin via Netflix streaming on both devices, and it was really like night and day. Motion is far less choppy on the Barnes & Noble device. The HD playback on the Nook also picked up subtle imagery like patterns on ties, which were largely lost on the Fire

What is a good tablet that is less than $300 and has about a 10 inch screen?
Q. Ipads are way too spendy, so I was looking at PC/Android tablets. I want to spend less than $300 and have a screen that is 10 inches. If it was a 7 inches, I would buy a Nexus 7, but I want something bigger and can compare to a Ipad. Any suggestions?

A. There is not going to be much available in that price range in a 10" tablet. Most 10" tablets tart at around $300 and go up from there. However, Best Buy does have 1 tablet available that is quite low priced. It is a fairly new tablet and hasn't been on the market long, so I don't see many reviews around the internet on it. But what I have seen is primarily positive. Here is the info:

Zeki - Tablet with 8GB Memory - Black/White Model: TB1082B SKU: 6001064 $164.99

or you could go with this unit which is a bit more.....

Acer - Iconia Tablet with 8GB Memory Model: A200-10G08U SKU: 4873089 $288.98

other than these two, everything is going to be used or refurbished....

What is the best ANDROID tablet to buy under £125 currently ?
Q. I looked at the Ainol Novo7 Aurora Android 4.0 Tablet PC and it looks pretty good any comments ? And does it run the android market ok since there isn't any good videos to support this .

A. You can get a good tablet within that budget but not the best one. Ainol novo is a good choice but there are lots of tablets out there better than novo. You can get galaxy tab 7, but it sure costs more. So, before you buy, I would recommend you to do a quick research on public reviews and ratings of your desired devices. You sure will find a decent tablet within your budget. :)

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